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Type 69II Iragi Army Service
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Type 69II Iragi Army Service

Article in supply
Price: 20,55 EUR
Ref: TRUM-00321
Manufacturer: Trumpeter
Family: AFV 1/35
Approximate weight: 0.49 kg - 1.09 lb
Description: Type 69II Iragi Army Service

The TYPE 69was exported in large numbers during the Iran-Iraq war .
The Chinese offered the vehicles with a variety of options. This Type 69-Ⅱ is fitted with the Yangzhou laser rangefinder over the main gun, and has the “V” cut stand shields developed by the PRC for desert tanks.
This particular tank served with the Iranian Army, rather than the more usual customer, Iraq.
It may have been supplied through a cut -out agent such as North Korea.

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