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Porsche 962C Repsol Color 1990 Le Mans
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Porsche 962C Repsol Color 1990 Le Mans

Article in supply
Price: 39,15 EUR
Ref: TAMI-24313
Manufacturer: Tamiya
Family: Cars 1/24
Approximate weight: 0.23 kg - 0.51 lb
Description: Porsche 962C Repsol Color 1990 Le Mans

To comply with new Group C regulations in 1982, Porsche used their vast experience to develop the practically unbeatable 956. Porsche modified the car to participate in the American IMSA series, resulting in the 962, which was again modified to meet the new 1985 Group C regulations produce the 962C. Featuring a powerful liquid-cooled 3-liter twin turbo flat-6 engine and 17 inch front and 19 inch rear wheels, the 962C proved to be just as successful as the 956. Although in 1989, the Porsche works teams withdraw their 962C from endurance racing, it continued racing with privateer teams until 1994. At the 1990 Le Mans 24 Hour, the Repsol Brun Motorsport Team's 962C went on to win 2nd place.
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