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Pintura Camaleon - Set 1
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Pintura Camaleon - Set 1

Price: 24,95 EUR
Ref: GREE-68396
Manufacturer: Green Stuff World
Family: Weathering Products
Approximate weight: 0.30 kg - 0.66 lb
Description: Chameleon Painting - Set 1


From Green Stuff World
Chameleon metallic paints have the property of changing colour depending on the angle at which the light shines on them. Valid for brush and airbrush.

Uses: Shake well and apply on a BLACK base coat. For best effects, use glossy black base coat for
to increase the effect. Semi-transparent chameleon paints may also be applied over other base coat colors
to achieve different color shift effects. Paint very, very light coats until the color appears
and the base layer is no longer visible. Each coat must be dried before applying the next coat. Use varnish only when the paint is completely dry.

Contents: This set includes 6 cans of acrylic paint to create Chameleon effects. Non-toxic, non-flammable, latex-free acrylic paints.

1x Burning Gold 1606
1x Psichotic Illusions 1557
1x Celestial Azurre 1559
1x Cobalt Blue 1552
1x Toxic Purple 1555
1x Nebula Copper 1558
Pintura Camaleon - Set 2
Pintura Camaleon - Set 2
De Green Stuff World Las pinturas metalizadas Camaleón tienen la propied...[+]

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