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Article in supply
Price: 183,60 EUR - 168,50 EUR
Ref: CONS-80819
Manufacturer: Constructo
Family: Ships Wood
Approximate weight: 3.50 kg - 7.71 lb
Description: Mayflower

The Mayflower is a ship very well-known in the Anglo-Saxon world, linked to the [histí³ria] from England and of United States, since September 6 of 1620 and captained by Mr, Christopher Jones, he/she/it/you transported from the English port of Southampton to 102 pilgrims that they had been banished from Holland. Scale: 1: 65

De Aretsania Latina modelo naval de piezas de tablero precortado por láser, ma...[+]
Pilgrim Ship Mayflower
Pilgrim Ship Mayflower
A escala 1/83 de la marca Revell para montar y pintar.

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