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M20 Armored Utility Car
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M20 Armored Utility Car

Price: 28,50 EUR
Ref: TAMI-35234
Manufacturer: Tamiya
Family: AFV 1/35
Approximate weight: 0.31 kg - 0.67 lb
Description: M20 Armored Utility Car

A derivative of the U.S. M8 Light Armored Car Greyhound, the U.S. M20 Armored Utility Car rolled onto the battlefield in 1943. The rotating turret of the M8 was removed, allowing space for passenger seats, a commanderfs table, radio sets and a ring mounted M2 heavy machine gun. The M20 was mainly deployed to the Tank Destroyer Unit, where its top speed of about 90km/h was taken advantage of in command, cargo, and reconnaissance duties.
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