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Lavado Gris Frio
This article is a unique opportunity
Price: 7,04 EUR - 5,00 EUR
Ref: MIGP-P0223
Manufacturer: MIG productions
Family: Weathering Products
Approximate weight: 0.15 kg - 0.33 lb
Description: Cold Grey Wash

We are again expanding our range of washes. The first one entitled, “Cold Grey Wash” is designed to be used on models in all types of cool cloudy climates. The Cold Grey Wash is a quick way to give a frigid shadowy appearance to any type of vehicle while also hi-lighting details and emphasizing seams for example.
Metal no Metálico
Metal no Metálico
Estuche de 8 colores acrílicos Game Color de 17 ml. y paso paso con fo...[+]

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