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Italian Knight - End XIII / Beginning XI
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Italian Knight - End XIII / Beginning XI

Price: 28,75 EUR
Ref: ROME-54033
Manufacturer: Romeo Models
Family: Medieval Knights 54 mm
Approximate weight: 0.30 kg - 0.67 lb
Description: Italian Knight - End XIII / Beginning XIV Century

According to the type of arming, this model dates back to the end of the XIII century and the beginning of the XIV, a period in which the knight wears an iron strengthened leather armour in addition to the traditional ironed mail one. Its armour is also made of padded cloth and hardened leather plates to protect arms and legs. Beyond the shield, the coat of arms showed the knight’s birth and rank. The surcoat had the family’s heraldic colours, but another decorative element that was usual in that period and was testified frescos and miniatures was a precious solid colour coat of cloth adorned with the knight’s arms. Malpiglio of Ciccioni from san Miniato was one of the chiefs of the Guelph army drawn up in Campaldino plain on June 11th 1289. The Ciccioni or Ciaccioni family was a Tuscan noble family from san Miniato. Its members were important servicemen: they were army leaders, cities’ potest, members of military aristocracy to which little and big Commons entrusted the control of their armed forces. Jacopo of Tedaldo of Ciccioni from san Miniato was Perugia‘s potest in 1328.

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