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IJA Tsuchi-Kusa.Iro early
Article in supply
Price: 13,50 EUR - 8,50 EUR
Ref: VALL-74611
Manufacturer: Vallejo
Family: Acrilics paintings
Approximate weight: 0.25 kg - 0.55 lb
Description: IJA Tsuchi-Kusa.Iro early

Acrylic-Poliurethan Primer. Apply directly without diluting with airbrush or brush. Leaves a mat, self-levelling coating of extraordinary strength and completely resistant to further manipulation, which does not leave imprints nor hide minute details. Ideal for surfaces like plastics, brass, resin, etc.
IJA Tsuchi-Kusa.Iro early
IJA Tsuchi-Kusa.Iro early
Imprimación acrílico-poliuretano. Aplicar directamente con e...[+]

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