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Honda Accord WTCC Russia
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Honda Accord WTCC Russia

Price: 41,50 EUR
Ref: SCAL-6311
Manufacturer: Scalextric
Family: Cars 1/32
Approximate weight: 0.30 kg - 0.66 lb
Description: Honda Accord WTCC Russia


The Honda Accord WTCC that Scalextric® brings us is the car with which the Russian driver Alexander Lvov competed in the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) in 2007.
Metallic in colour and pearl grey in a pearl grey shade, this is a very aggressive 5-door vehicle with an elegant look.
On the front, two air intake grilles with the Honda logo in the centre and narrow, elongated headlights provide a sporty, modern look.
The colorful logos contrast on the black bumper, especially Dogroom's original pink and white dog pattern.
More elegant are the two gray lines on both sides of the bonnet and in front of the front window.
On the top of the glass is another eye-catching logo, that of the championship website ( on a white background, as well as the name of the rider next to the Russian flag.
The front window of the Honda Accord WTCC has two windscreen wipers and a reproduction of the couplings on the bonnet.
The side of this Scalextric® model is full of logos, many of them in the same shade of gold, these somewhat more discreet, and others more striking, such as the television network TNT in orange letters.
The team's name, Golden Motors Team, is written on the side skirt and under the rider's window and just below it we find the rider's Grand Number 54 with the sponsorship of Yokohama.
The wheels of the Honda Accord WTCC with the Yokohama and Advan logos on the tyres and grey, multi-spoke wheels are eye-catching. The black mirrors or the name and flag of the driver with his name on the rear side window are just other details of this car.
At the rear we should mention the black bumper with logos across its width, the exhaust pipe at the bottom right and the elongated headlights on both sides of the license plate, on which is the Honda logo.
But surely the most important element is the small wing with a reproduction of the Japanese brand on it.
The rear window re-posts the championship website and the rider's name. Its number is once again on the roof and, once in the cockpit, we find the reproduction of the pilot, with helmet and coveralls and protected by anti-tip bars.
We will not find anything missing in a Scalextric® car that seems about to roar if we do not put it fast on track.

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