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Hawker Typhoon MK II b Late
Price: 25,10 EUR
Ref: ITAL-02734
Manufacturer: Italeri
Family: Aircraft 1/48
Approximate weight: 0.40 kg - 0.88 lb
Description: Hawker Typhoon MK II b Late

The Hawker Typhoon was the most famous British single-seat fighter-bomber used by the Royal Air Force during the Second World War. Its robust structure and the outstanding aerodynamic performance at low altitude made it ideal to perform ground attack and close support duties. The main armament, in order to enhance the role of fighter-bomber, was mainly formed by four 20 mm Hispano cannons installed in the wings. Thanks to the reliable Napier Sabre 24 pistons engine (able to provide more than 2,200 hp), the Typhoon is able to reach a top speed of 660 Km / h and to carry 900 kg of rockets and bombs. It was widely used during the 1944 for the preliminary operations before the “D-Day”, through raids against communication and transport lines, and after the Allied Normandy landing to support the British ground forces and to attack enemy targets.
Hawker Typhoon Mk. Ib Late stabilizer -
Hawker Typhoon Mk. Ib Late stabilizer - ACADEMY...[+]

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