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Galeon Apostol Felipe
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Galeon Apostol Felipe

Price: 229,50 EUR
Ref: OCCR-14000
Manufacturer: Occre
Family: Ships Wood
Approximate weight: 4.00 kg - 8.81 lb
Description: The Apostol Felipe was one of the six galleons that Martin of Arana builds for the King Felipe IV, being part of the galleons of the silver. This type of galleons is used for the transport of goods and treasures in the career of Indias. Their first trip like component of the fleet of galleons carries out it in 1629 transporting treasures to Spain. It was Almiranta Ship of the Guard up to 1633. I participate in the war from Brazil for you/he/she/it recover Pernambuco and I transport troops and money to Flandes, participating in the battle of Dunes. scale 1/60
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