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Chaparral 2E #65 & #66 Can-Am Laguna Sec
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Chaparral 2E #65 & #66 Can-Am Laguna Sec

Price: 103,92 EUR
Ref: SLOT-CW08
Family: Cars 1/32
Approximate weight: 0.65 kg - 1.43 lb
Description: Chaparral 2E #65 & #66 Can-Am Laguna Seca 1966

The White Chaparrals, designed and built by Texas oil-man and brilliant mechanical engineer Jim Hall, hold a special place in racing history. These were the first cars to have aerodynamic wings, the first with "active" (moveable) aerodynamic features and the first "ground effect" cars ever to be raced. However despite the birlliance of these cars they were just too radical and while successful in the European theater, their Can-Am success would be limited to this race: The 1966 race at Laguna Seca would be the only victory for the Chappys, taking first and second with the only American-born F1 Champion Phil Hill in finishing first in the number 65 with Jim Hall second in the number 66.
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Jaguar XJR14 n° 3 3rd Laguna Seca 1992
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