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Arena Desierto Egipcio
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Price: 2,40 EUR
Ref: AKIN-RC101
Manufacturer: AK Interactive
Family: Real Colors
Approximate weight: 0.10 kg - 0.22 lb
Description: Egyptian Desert Sand

Highest quality acrylic lacquer paint, made from an improved chemical formula over other brands in the market. Sprays smoothly through an airbrush; adheres to the surface and dries perfectly with a soft matt finish. Holds firmly all kind of weathering products. May be diluted with AK-Interactive’s specific thinner, or thinners from other manufacturers intended for acrylic lacquer paints (non-vinyl), lacquer thinners, alcohol, or water.
May be easily mixed with other acrylic lacquer paints. Accurately reproduces the original color.
Euro Modelismo 220
Euro Modelismo 220
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