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Amphibious Transport Dock U.S.S. New Yor
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Amphibious Transport Dock U.S.S. New Yor

Price: 202,80 EUR
Ref: REVE-05118
Manufacturer: Revell
Family: Boats 1/350
Approximate weight: 2.50 kg - 5.50 lb
Description: Amphibious Transport Dock U.S.S. New York (LPD-21)

The U.S.S. New York is a US Navy amphibious transport ship. It is one of the San Antonio Class designed according to the principles of stealth technology. The ships of this class are used for amphibious warfare and to transport US Marines, their vehicles and equipment. The ship therefore has three decks with about 2,300 m² of space for combat vehicles. In addition to the basic crew of 360 men there is room for a further 700-800 marines. The landing craft, equipment and soldiers can be landed through the floodable well deck aft. In addition the ship has a large landing deck with hangar. However helicopters are not permanently carried, but can be temporarily stationed on board for individual missions. The special feature of the ship however is its name. After the terrorist attacks of 11th September 2001, the then governor of New York asked the then Secretary of the Navy to name a warship in the war against terror after the city of New York. This request was met; the U.S.S. New York was launched on 19th December 2007 and went into service on 7th November 2009. There were even 6.8 tonnes of steel from the ruins of the World Trade Center incorporated in the forepart.

- Includes photo-etched parts
- Metal anchor chain
- One-piece hull
- True-to-original screws and drive shafts
- Flight deck with filigree surface engravings
- True-to-original radar towers
- Well deck optionally open or closed
- True-to-original aircraft hangar and cargo space for vehicles
- Authentic armaments
- 2 LCAC hovercraft
- 1 LCU landing craft
- 2 Cobra AH-1W helicopters
- 2 CH-53E Sea Stallion helicopters
- 2 CH-46 Sea Knight helicopters
- 2 UH-1N Twin Huey helicopters
- 2 vertical take-off MUV-22A Osprey
- 2 AAV7
- Display stand with ship's name
- Extensive decals with markings for the ship, aircraft and landing craft
PLA Navy Type 071 Amphibious Transport D
PLA Navy Type 071 Amphibious Transport Dock
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