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Ferrari F1 SF70H Stagione 2017
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Ferrari F1 SF70H Stagione 2017

Price: 64,35 EUR
Ref: TAMI-20068
Manufacturer: Tamiya
Family: Cars 1/20
Approximate weight: 0.47 kg - 1.03 lb
Description: Ferrari F1 SF70H Stagione 2017

The SF70H, the 63rd single-seater designed and built by Scuderia Ferrari, was born out of major regulation changes, with wider tires and cars, plus larger diffusers meaning that the cars have more aerodynamic downforce and greater mechanical grip. Fittingly for the hybrid machine named to commemorate Scuderia Ferrari's 70 years of racing, the SF70H showcases the team's innovation throughout its design. A lengthened nose and arrow-shaped front wing are a consequence of the regulations, as are the fin on the engine cover and aero appendages ahead of the air intakes on the sidepods. Behind the driver the roll-hoop, which incorporates the engine air intake, was completely redesigned. Vettel started 2017 in style with victories in the season-opening Australian Grand Prix and in Bahrain. He and Kimi Räikkönen also recorded 1-2 finishes in Monaco and Hungary. While ultimately pipped to the season's Championship titles, the SF70H was the focus of attention for millions of racing fans across the globe including Ferrari's loyal Tifosi.

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