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Aktion Nº 1
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Aktion Nº 1

Price: 8,00 EUR
Ref: AKIN-6301
Manufacturer: AK Interactive
Family: Magazines
Approximate weight: 0.25 kg - 0.54 lb
Description: Aktion Nº 1


With this new magazine AK Interactive enters the world of Wargames in a different way than other magazines from this genre have done so far. Specially designed for players, with step by step and easy for players to enjoy the effects of the content but focus on how important the game really is. Scenarios, settings, ac cessories, vehicles, figures … Through their numbers, we will see how to approach the painting of any element related to Wargames.
Also we will have many more interesting sections awaiting us.
Aktion Nº 1
Aktion Nº 1
Con esta nueva revista AK se adentra en el mundo de los Wargames de una forma diferent...[+]

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