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Motor de vielas

Airfix | Maquetas | Machinery 1/32

Beam Engine
The Beam Engine was widely used in British Industry in the massive expansion that was to become known as the Industrial Revolution. These, sometimes huge engines were often used for pumping water from mines, but were also extensively operated in many heavy indu...
Ref.: AIRF-05870 - Our price 21,06 EUR

Motor de Maudslay Paddle

Airfix | Maquetas | Machinery 1/32

Maudslay's Paddle Engine
Joseph Maudslay (1801-1861) patented the Oscillating engine in 1827. This was one of the most popular marine engines in the paddle steamers of the nineteenth century and, in 1828, was fitted to the Thames steamer 'Endeavour' which ran between London...
Ref.: AIRF-08870 - Our price 39,15 EUR

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