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Le Soleil Royal

Heller | Maquetas | Ships 1/100

Le Soleil Royal
This is a model of the first of the three line ships that bore this name in the royal French navy. She became famous under Tourville who flew his flag on her during the victory of Bèveziers on 10th July 1690 and at the battle of Barfleur on 29th May 1692. T...
Ref.: HELL-80899 - Our price 206,35 EUR

H.M.S. Bounty

Revell | Maquetas | Ships 1/100

H.M.S. Bounty

Ref.: REVE-05404 - Our price 26,50 EUR

Carabela Nií±a

Zvezda | Maquetas | Ships 1/100

Caravel “Nina” The ship was constructed in 1475 in Spain, took part in the first and second Columbus expedition and became the flagship after the "Santa Maria" was destroyed. The crew consisted of 40 men, Nina's artillery included four light ship guns. "Nina" (Baby) was the ship's nickname
Ref.: ZVEZ-9005 - Our price 23,60 EUR

Barco Conquistadores s.XVI

Zvezda | Maquetas | Ships 1/100

Ship Conquering s.XVI
Ref.: ZVEZ-9008 - Our price 36,30 EUR

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