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Revell | Maquetas | Boats 1/570

Launched on 3.10.1936, the Scharnhorst was at that time a symbol of Germany's growing strenght. She displaced 38,900 tons and was powered by three turbines with a total output of 165,000 HP. She took part in the occupation of Norway and Denmark and on 8 June 194...
Ref.: REVE-05037 - Our price 18,00 EUR

Acorazado Norteamericano Missouri (1/535

Revell | Maquetas | Boats 1/570

Battleship USS Missouri
The USS Missouri (known as "Mighty Mo"), one of the largest and most powerful battleships in the US Navy, went down in history with the signing of the Japanese surrender documents. The Missouri was the last of four battleships of the Iwoa Class that ...
Ref.: REVE-05092 - Our price 18,50 EUR

Transatlantico Queen Mary

Revell | Maquetas | Boats 1/570

Transatlantico Queen Mary
The "Queen Mary" which was laid down at John Brown's on Clydebank in 1930 and completed in 1936, was one of the three 80000 BRT superlines of the 30's. In August 1936 the "Queen Mary" crossed the Atlnatic at 30.14 knots westwards ant at 30.63 east...
Ref.: REVE-05203 - Our price 25,50 EUR

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