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6 of Scale models: Zvezda: Boats 1/72

Trireme Griega

Zvezda | Maquetas | Boats 1/72

Greek Triera Warship

Ref.: ZVEZ-8514 - Our price 48,60 EUR

Trirreme Romana

Zvezda | Maquetas | Boats 1/72

Roman Triema Warship

Ref.: ZVEZ-8515 - Our price 52,50 EUR

Barco Cruzado Siglo XII-XIV

Zvezda | Maquetas | Boats 1/72

Crusaders Ship The Cog was main combat and transport vessel of the Crusaders in the quest to free the Holy Land. For three centuries, nearly, all battles in the Mediterranean Sea involved Cogs.
Ref.: ZVEZ-9024 - Our price 42,75 EUR

Black Swan

Zvezda | Maquetas | Boats 1/72

Black Swan

Ref.: ZVEZ-9031 - Our price 99,50 EUR

Barca Medieval

Zvezda | Maquetas | Boats 1/72

Medieval Life Boat

Ref.: ZVEZ-9033 - Our price 7,50 EUR

Barco Medieval ingles Thomas

Zvezda | Maquetas | Boats 1/72

The naval Battle of Sluys fought in 1340 gave the English the naval supremacy they maintained throughout the 100 Years War. On 24 June 1340 King Edward III on board his flagship, the 250ton cog “Thomas” together with his 250 strong fleet destroyed the 400 ship fleet...
Ref.: ZVEZ-9038 - Our price 41,50 EUR

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