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Localizacií³n of our store within the map of Europe has its traditional store and its warehouses in the city of Pamplona. It is a small city located to the north of Spain, and with the great enchantment of its great gardens, their walls, and their historical center. The main industrial activity of Pamplona is the industry of the automotion. Pamplona also is well-known anywhere in the world by its celebrations, sanfermines.

The commercialization of our articles we do it through two means. One, the traditional sale in our store of Pamplona, and two, the sale through Internet. We began our commercial activity in 1994, with few modelismo article units. Nowadays, we counted with thousands of articles of all type, from the scale model of always to the last new features in Slot, collecting, naval, trains, etc. On the other hand, we have the plus ámplia variety of tools and complements so that the necessities of our clients never are defrauded.

The fast growth of our business impelled to us to create this Web site, so that the purchase in our store is more comfortable, and to arrive at all those parts where class="ayudaParrafos the traditional store cannot be present

En Ecomodelismo, we are always kind to all those suggestions that to us our clients make. We are not only salesmen of miniatures, our passion is the miniature, in a word, the modelismo.

we are not born with the eagerness to create a business commercializing certain product. It is our passion by this hobby the one that moves to as much give us the best thing of us in our traditional store, like in our store in line.

Esperamos of all heart that finds everything here what it makes him spend unforgettable short whiles in his better liking, the modelismo.

Thanks to trust us.

Cómo llegar

Calle La Rioja 4 trasera
Tel.: +34 948 259 951
31008 PAMPLONA (Navarra) Spain

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